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Villa Sylva luxury villa rental and wedding venue


Villa Sylva is available for rent throughout the year and can be rented as follows;


● The Main house only: Sleeps up to 12, 6 bedrooms ensuite.  Price range €17,500 - 41,300 per week.


●  Full Occupancy: Sleeps up to 18, 9 bedrooms ensuite. Price range €23,100 - 45,500 per week.

Easter Holidays have a minimum one-week stay requirement. Price €28,000 per week.

Weddings have a minimum one-week stay requirement please have a look at our Weddings page for a detailed price list.

Availability on Request.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payments are done through wire transfer and wire transfer costs are to be incurred by the Lessee. The booking will be completed on confirmation of the receipt of the downpayment. The remaining balance is due as follows: 50%, 2 months before date of arrival at Villa Sylva. Failure to pay the balance on time will be taken as a cancellation. In the event of cancellation, no refunds will be given unless a replacement booking can be found, in which case 100% of the total rental due for the cancelled period will be refunded. Extra expenses incurred by the Lessor on the Lessee’s behalf may be deducted.

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